Okay, I’ll admit that Legos are a cliche in math problems for kids but to my credit, the student I was talking to suggested that Legos are something we buy in different sized packages.

Here is the problem:

Sally wanted to buy 473 legos.  At the store they are sold in packages of 100, 20, 5, and 1.  Show all the ways you can find that she can buy the exact number of legos.

Use pictures, numbers, and words to prove your answer.


Traffic Jam

As I move through this journey as a mathematics coach I see the way I look at the world change.  I find problems in more places and I see math opportunities in every direction.  I feel confident that if you are just beginning to make changes in the way you teach that this will happen to you also.

Here is an example.

Chinese Traffic Jam


This traffic jam in China was caused by construction back in 2010.  The traffic jam was 1000 km in length.  The average car is 4 m long.

Estimate how many cars you think could have been caught in the traffic jam.  Show why your answer is reasonable or not reasonable.

As we travel through this journey of mathematics I hope you will begin to see math everywhere as I am beginning to do.